Alpine Center,the Swiss Business School for International Hotel and Tourism Management

 Alpine Center,the Swiss Business School for International Hotel and Tourism Management

At Alpine Center, we pride ourselves on preparing men and women for brilliant careers in this exciting and growing industry. We celebrate diversity and the international aspect of our programmes that are designed to meet the professional goals of our students, while at the same time meeting the changing needs of the global hospitality industry. Our rich portfolio of courses includes Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism Management, Culinary Arts Management, Events & Conventions Management, Food & Beverage Management, Spa Management, Hospitality & Cruise Management, at the Diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

 As the premier hotel and tourism school , the Alpine Center will achieve its vision by the following actions: maintaining an affordable, high quality education; providing relevant programmes of study; continuing emphasis on its Swiss management philosophy – with a greater focus on higher education and professional studies; expanding on its advantage of being the leader in linking hospitality programmes and industry around the globe through education, collaboration and partnerships.

Alpine students enjoy the benefits of a small Center in an international environment. They live in a hotel facility, which they help to operate as part of their Applied Hotel Operations module. Students gain maturity and valuable experience through active participation in the running of academic programmes: working with faculty on committees that oversee curriculum, discipline, and academic issues, and also through participation in the Student Council.

This system gives you responsibility right from the start, so you have many opportunities to gain self-confidence and other qualities of a leader: those you will need for success in your career and life generally.

Alpine Center offers this program in co-operation with the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association. The distance learning programme is particularly beneficial for industry professionals who: have accumulated experience; require further certification for advancement or promotion in their particular field; and are constrained by time and distance from attending regular classes. Enrolment in this programme can begin at any time.

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