Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality (SWISS IM&H) is a hospitality management school in the Canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. The history of the school still reminds us a challenging and endeavor first day of operation with only few prospective students in the school premises. Given that this is now during the establishment that we certainly decided to celebrate the occasion in style.

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 It is not till one dream of SWISS IM&H came true since its establishment. It is school's own bar. In the beginning of 2012, the new director made it happen and SWISS IM&H gladly introduces the ''American Bar'' as its own property. In American Bar, the students will take part in their practical beverage management lessons and they get a very up to date knowledge on menu engineering and beverage store management. Students will be able to organize different events such as birthday parties, ice-breaking parties etc in American Bar. It is today a very important meeting point for students of Hotel Management Schools in Canton Lucerne such as SWISS IM&H, DCT and Belvoirpark. SWISS IM&H is very much focused on student's integration in Switzerland; therefore the bar is publicly opened. This gives our students an opportunity of meeting regional guests and communicates with them, which helps them to improve their linguistic skills. SWISS IM&H is very concerned about student's mental and physical motivation. Besides all other courses SWISS IM&H is offering so called ''INFOTAINMENT.'' On the last Friday afternoon of the month students are inspired to arrange cultural programmes to introduce different cultures and to justify their teamwork ability and leading capabilities. 2012 is an extremely successful year for SWISS IM&H as British Hospitality Association (BHA), American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA), International and Euro CHRIE, West Coast University (WCU), International University of Business Agriculture and technology (IUBAT) has signed agreement of collaboration. EURHODIP is in negotiations to accredit the curriculum and the value chain of SWISS IM&H. The students' responses increased to almost huge scale and the responses from increased number of different nationalities is confirming us a new multinational environment in SWISS IM&H campus.

SWISSIM&H welcomes students from all countries. In our programmes and all related activities, we do not discriminate on any grounds such as race, colour, religion,nationality, ethnic origin, sex, age or disability. SWISSIM&H seeks students of good character who have demonstrated academic achievement and the potential for further growth. Admission is selective only on the basis of academic record. SWISSIM&H programmes are not limited to young full-time school-leavers. As the importance of education becomes recognised, more and more people in the workforce are heading back to school. The College and University provide many different courses aimed at professionals or individuals who wish to improve their education and career prospects.

The town of Weggis is what you dream about when you think of Switzerland. Situated on the Lake of Lucerne and beneath the Swiss Alps, it provides a quiet, safe, and peaceful environment—perfect to concentrate on building that vital step to become a successful hospitality expert. The SWISS IM&H chose it's home to be in Weggis because we believe it is a vital part of the education, to be able to live in the heart of where Swiss tourism beats—the region of Luzern. Being able to study in Switzerland has always been impressive, choosing Weggis is always superlative.

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