The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is placed right at the heart of several European culinary traditions, including the classics – Italian and French. The program will develop your appreciation in European culinary philosophies, skills, traditions and modern trends.

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland provides a truly hands-on experience for students who aspire to a career in the culinary field. In order to prepare you thoroughly for a career in the industry, you will focus on the skills and practices required in the operational areas of the kitchen combined with management courses.

The mission of the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is to nurture in students a passion for food and gastronomy through the development of excellent culinary practice and dedication, in an environment that reflects the reality of today’s culinary industry and trends.

Becoming a chef isn't only about the experience gathered in the kitchen, but also that gathered in everyday life, whether when reading, eating out, spending hours in cookbook stores or traveling.

At the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland you are given the opportunity to actively develop your professional competence through excursions to restaurants, wineries, food-manufacturing facilities, trade fairs and gastronomic events.

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has the unique advantage of being centrally placed in Europe and operating campuses in both the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland. This gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in two different cultures and languages and benefit from the wealth of culinary expertise and custom offered by these regions.

With students coming from all over the world, the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers a unique learning atmosphere and a truly multicultural experience.

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